So Long Mini Viva…

Britt Love, one half (the right half if you don’t know your Britt from your Frankee) of Mini Viva today confirmed what we all knew really, in the face of poor sales and their big giant absence since their last single in May… Mini Viva are no more.

Thanks to the wonders of cut-and-paste, Britt wrote the following on her Tumblr page…

First off all we would like to apologise for not being able to tell you sooner what was going on with Mini Viva. It was something we had to decide for ourselves first and of course it was a big decision.

Both of us felt like the time was up for Mini Viva. We had tried so much and so had everyone who was supporting us. But sometimes things just don’t work out the way you would like them to. We would just like to take this time to thank every single one of you for supporting us on our journey! We could not have asked for more loyal fans than you guys!

We both had the most amazing time as Mini Viva, we travelled to amazing places and met some wonderful people. We will cherish the memories forever.

We would love you to keep supporting us along our different paths. You guys and girls have been so incredibly supportive, everything we did as apart of Mini Viva we are incredibly proud of!

Thank you so much we hope you will stay in touch and support us both like you did with Mini Viva, this is far from a goodbye this is just the beginning! :-).

It’s a shame that the fickle axe of pop strike again – if you want to see the actual post click here. If you wanted to relive their brief but bright and shining musical journey, check out their video’s here.