HEART, HEART, HEART Daizy Agnew!!!

There are three albums scheduled for release in 2011 that already have us pant wettingly excited – these include new material from Britney Spears and Nerina Pallot, alongside the debut solo album from Daizy Agnew, formerly of Girls Can’t Catch!!!

The very talented and lovely Daizy Agnew is our kind of pop star – she is intriguing, heart clearly on her sleeve and has an incredible stage presence to the point where you can’t take your eyes off her PLUS she has a voice that clearly proves she is a naturally gifted and formidable singer.

Daizy is currently busy beavering away, working on the album with the delightful Mr and Mrs Chatterley… better known as the ridiculously talented GRAMMY nominated producer, Andy Chatterley and the deliciously sensational Nerina Pallot – who together are a very very AMAZING team! The album will also feature contributions from the very ace and lovely Shelley Poole (of Alisha’s Attic fame) – it’s shaping up to be BEYOND brilliant! You can find out more about the project by reading Daizy’s blog by clicking here.

Ahead of the album and just for fun, Daizy recorded two acoustic cover versions on a flip cam in her kitchen! Both tracks show off her gorgeously glorious voice magnificently. The first, is a rendition of ‘Pyromania’ by Cascada…

The second acoustic cover is Daizy’s version of the tremendous Conner Reeves track ‘My Father’s Son’. The track was originally a hit for Conner in 1997 and was taken from his debut album ‘Earthbound’. The title track, became his second single, which happens to be one of the most beautiful songs ever! Conner also went on to record a song with Mark Morrison and Gabrielle called ‘Best Friend’ – which is also superb!

Anyway, Daizy’s version of ‘My Father’s Son (Girl)’ is just as magnificent as the original, there is such warmth and passion within the textures and tones of her voice – stunning…

VERY exciting times indeed – fingers crossed, we don’t have to wait too long to hear more from this remarkable singer!