CocknBullKid, Bush Hall – 26th January

With very many thanks to CocknBullKid for the tickets (won fairly in a Twitter contest before anyone starts), we had a little trip to see the wonderfully AMAZING aforementioned lady do her stuff alongside Liam Bailey and Clare Maguire at Q magazine’s event ‘New To Q’ at Bush Hall in West London last night.

CocknBullKid’s set was supremely fantastic – a non-stop, full on, relentlessly loud and upbeat journey through tracks from the forthcoming album ‘Adulthood’. Anita is exciting and captivating to watch as she performs so effortlessly, she certainly knows how to carry and deliver a cracking tune as well… the full throttle sound of her music was delivered magnificently by her band.

The songs themselves are full of spirit and character, vibrantly upbeat with a huge enveloping sound that holds your attention. Highlights included rapturous performances of the tracks ‘CocknBullKid’, ‘One Eye Closed’, ‘I Deserve It’, ‘Asthma Attack’ and the new single ‘Hold On To Your Misery’.

The track itself is gloriously infectious and sounds distinctly fresh and unique – a definite hit and an anthem for those days when everything gets to you! The video is yet another gorgeously superb clip… the extras are completely adorable, whilst Anita looks stunning!

‘Hold On To Your Misery’ is available right now as a five track remix EP from iTunes here and Amazon here – also available from other online digital retailers too!

We’re rather enjoying this acoustic version as well… AMAZING!