Oh Beverley, How We Love Thee…

It is really rather difficult to convey in words, the love, respect and admiration we feel for Beverley Knight. Simply put, to us, Beverley is what Prince is to her.

Our love affair began in 1995 when Jo Wiley played ‘Flavour Of The Old School’ on her Radio 1 show… we can still remember the time, place and the feelings evoked upon hearing THAT voice for the very first time… since that point, Beverley has provided the most AMAZING soundtrack to our formative years and still manages to inspire, shape and influence our lives for the better.

Beverley Knight is without any shadow of doubt, THE finest, most brilliant singer that the UK has ever uncovered. Even after sixteen years, Beverley remains one of the most respected voices within music by critics, her peers, fans and to some extent non-fans… you will be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t have a nice thing to say about her or enjoy at least one of her records! Not only a hugely talented singer, she is also a gifted songwriter with an impressive ability to write a catchy, emotive, memorable hook, her back catalogue is rich with unbelievable quality. Beverley has a superb ear for collaborations as well, working with the likes of Jools Holland, Roni Size and Courtney Pine to name a few PLUS she also created some really fantastic b-sides… even more reason to love her!

Beverley is a grafter… even after sixteen years, she still has the tenacity and spirit of a young upstart… she isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty by doing the clubs to promote her music showing that she doesn’t rest on her laurels and constantly tries to showcase her music to as many people as she can, no matter how much hard work that involves. The live stage is where Beverley really comes to life, giving intensely electrifying, heartfelt and mesmerising performances – you absolutely MUST see her live at least once in your lifetime – we guarantee it will revolutionise your life!

Often simply branded an R&B, soul singer, Beverley is undoubtedly, so much more than that. She has bucked the trend and curse often plagued by ‘UK soul divas’ and retained a successful career through genre shifting and has never allowed herself to be pigeon holed. She is the leader of her craft and is a role model to those UK artists seeking a credible, sustainable career.

There are so many more elements to Beverley Knight than performer and entertainer, she is a great supporter and an outspoken crusader for many charities AND is even a Mastermind champion!

In short, Beverley Knight is an INCREDIBLE woman…

On 4th July, Beverley will release ‘Soul UK’, her seventh studio album. The record is selection of cover versions of songs that shaped Beverley’s own musical journey. The thirteen song selections aren’t necessarily obvious choices and Beverley has instead opted for tracks that are personal to her. The lead single from the album is a storming rendition of Junior’s ‘Mama Used To Say’, which will be released on 27th June.

Tracks by artists such as George Michael, Jamiroquai, Soul II Soul, Princess, Jaki Graham, Roachford, Heatwave, Freeez, Omar, Loose Ends, Young Disciples and Lewis Taylor are given the special Beverley treatment.

Beverley recently performed the album live, which was recorded for a DVD and which will be made available with the album. In the video below, you can see some of the original performers and composers of the tracks discussing Beverley’s interpretations, it also features elements of Beverley’s live performances and is a real taster of what to expect on the DVD…

You can find out more about the album by visiting Beverley’s newly revamped website by clicking here.

You can pre-order the CD/DVD from Amazon and HMV (click on store name). A digital deluxe edition will be avilable from iTunes, which includes five live audio tracks. You can pre-order and preview thirty second samples of the tracks at iTunes here.

Beverley has announced details of her ‘Soul UK Tour’, which hits the road in November. Tickets are on-sale from today (27th May). Dates and venues include…

Monday 14th November 2011 – Liverpool Philharmonic
Tuesday 15th November 2011 – Leamington Spa Assembly
Wednesday 16th November 2011 – London Royal Albert Hall
Friday 18th November 2011 – York Barbican
Saturday 19th November 2011 – Preston Guildhall
Sunday 20th November 2011 – Manchester Bridgewater Hall
Tuesday 22nd November 2011 – Wolverhampton Civic Hall
Wednesday 23rd November 2011 – Nottingham Royal Centre
Thursday 24th November 2011 – Salisbury City Hall
Saturday 26th November 2011 – Gateshead Sage
Sunday 27th November 2011 – Bristol Colston Hall