Kylie Minogue – Whistle

Rejoice, praise and give thanks for today, a day which sees a new track from the wondrous Kylie Minogue available for sale through iTunes!

Whistle (feat. Múm) - Single

The track itself is beautifully ethereal, brooding number. It is fragile and enchanting with Kylie’s gorgeous, wistful vocal adding mystery and intrigue across the six minutes. The swelling production, built around a pounding drum loop and soaring strings add drama and intensity throughout. ‘Whistle’ is sensuous, at times desolate yet ultimately hopeful, both dreamy and elegantly statuesque – divine! You can download the track from iTunes here.

‘Whistle’ is featured in the 2012 film ‘Jack And Diane’, which has just recently been released on BluRay and DVD. The film charts the story of two teenage girls who meet and fall in love, it is the tale of how young love copes and survives at such a tender and trying age. Kylie herself also appears in the film portraying the character of Tara.

You can find out more about the film here.