Mariah Carey – Almost Home

Regardless of your thoughts and feelings towards the music, Mariah Carey IS a legendary musician in terms of powerhouse vocals, phenomenal sales and career longevity. The fact that she is still cited as inspiration to many aspiring singers, and remains loved and adored by millions of fans across the world is testament to her enduring appeal, which after twenty-three years is a hugely impressive feat.

Almost Home (Music from the Motion Picture _Oz the Great and Powerful_) - Single

Yesterday, Mariah unveiled her new single, ‘Almost Home’, which is certain to remind people why she is so revered. The track serves as the theme to the forthcoming movie ‘Oz The Great And Powerful’ and it is a masterpiece – it has all of the key ingredients of a classic Mariah track best reflected in the lyrical themes of faith, hopefulness, perseverance and triumphing against adversity. There is mastery across her incredible range and *those* vocal runs are stirring, spirited and rousing. Plus, the Stargate produced track also enables Mariah to embrace a poppier yet timeless sound once again. 

The track is available in the UK from Amazon here. You can listen to the track in full, below.