Florrie – ‘Live A Little’

The supremely mighty and exquisitely dazzling Florrie has unveiled a brand new song which is accompanied by a rather completely brilliant video clip.


Long story short, during the past three years singer-songwriter and drummer extraordinaire Florrie has been building her fanbase with the release of three tremendously superb EP’s and a series of live shows which have taken across Europe. Recently, rather excitingly Florrie signed a major label deal with Sony and is currently prepping material for her debut full length album, which is to be released later this year.

The new track, ‘Live A Little’ is song which is to be featured in a new forthcoming campaign to promote Sony XBA-C10 in-ear headphones. The track itself is a glorious summation of all that is wonderful and great about her music. It is a bombastic blast of rousing energy and is host to a cataclysm of sounds from the pounding drum beats to the sliding electric guitar through to the urgent driving trumpet, wailing sirens, hypnotic handclaps and uplifting tambourine. Held together and punctuated perfectly by Florrie’s infamously sweet, teasing yet biting and knowing vocal delivery. 

The video too, is a gorgeous captivating affair – it’s hard to take the eyes off her throughout the clip… 

In every sense ‘Live A Little’ is completely stunning!

For more, visit Florrie’s official site here and listen to more at her SoundCloud page here.