Four Slices Of Perfect Pop!

Here are four new visual treats for your edification and pleasure…

Little Boots – ‘Broken Record’

‘Broken Record’ is the first proper single to be taken from forthcoming sophomore album from Little Boots entitled ‘Nocturnes‘, which available from Monday 6th May. The single is a catchy and pulsating beat driven track that is hypnotic and leaves a lasting impression – that disco inspired bell chime is to die for! Boots sounds dreamy and offers an alluring vocal performance. The video is equally powerful, it is simple yet visually arresting AND it features a roller-disco and glittery ticker tape… AMAZING!

Dido – ‘End Of Night’

‘End Of Night’ is the second official release from Dido’s fourth rather brilliant studio album Girl Who Got Away. The latest single is a heady blend of ethereal vocals set against a striking electro pop backdrop. Sentiment wise, the track is the ultimate up yours to a former lover “I feel nothing when you cry… I can smile now and turn away” brilliant but if you happened to be on the receiving end – OUCH! The video is a darkly glamourous affair featuring Dido in a number of outfits with change as she explores a mansion, there are sequins aplenty, as well as some rather disturbing looking yet graceful dancers to keep you entertained.

Kate Nash – ‘OMYGOD’

‘OMYGOD’ is the second single to be taken from Kate’s recently released third studio albumGirl Talk. Lyrically, the track centres upon missing loved ones when away from home for lengthy periods of time, the slow burning bass gives rise to a spritely and jangly chorus which proves irresistibly infectious. The video is another might fine example of Kate’s extraordinary approach to the visual affects of her music having crafted some exemplary promo clips in the past. The action within the verse mirrors the lonesome sentiment before exploding with a flourish of extravagance and life during the chorus – it is full of humour and spirit.

Empire Of The Sun – ‘Alive’

The Australian duo offer ‘Alive’ as the first release from the second studio album entitled ‘Ice On The Dune’ which is to be released in June. The track has a gorgeously sensual summery vibe that is uplifting and joyous, whilst the visual is in keeping with their undeniably lavish and unique stylings.