The Return Of Vanbot!

In 2011, Swedish singer-songwriter Vanbot emerged with her completely brilliant and wholly stunning debut self-titled release which spawned the singlesLost Without YouandMake Me, Break Me. The expressive and expansive electro-dance tinged soundscapes she created were joyfully uplifting and arresting yet had a sad mournful quality obtained through it’s thoughtful and reflective lyrical content which largely explored the themes of love, loss and regret.

When My Heart Breaks

For the past year, Vanbot has been creating new music – thus far, she has released the sublimeGot To Get Out’, and earlier this year she unleashed the mightyHold This Moment– both of which build and extend the sounds presented on her impressive debut, whilst moving them forward with exciting flourishes most notably the icy synths and dramatic drum loops.

A new single ‘When My Heart Breaks’ is now available – the track is gloriously euphoric with a melancholic narrative – the song features a heady blend of inspired electro pop with enormous pounding drum beats, wistful lyrics and emotive vocals. It is a cleverly structured song – the straightforward full bodied verse gives way to a fuzzy, atmospheric and skewed sounding chorus with striking effects. Most impressive is the majestic and grand production which envelopes, enshrouds and captivates.

‘When My Heart Breaks’ is available to download for FREE from Vanbot’s SoundCloud page for a limited period only here. It is also available to purchase from iTunes here.