A Trinity

We love a strong, masterful guitar yielding female solo artist – there is nothing more joyous and satisfying than experiencing the female perspective and making an emotional connection within their music. Three of our absolute favourites have recenlty unviled new material and accompanying video clips, so let’s take a look at the latest work from these remarkable women…

Firstly, the incredible Lissie has debuted the video for her current single ‘Shameless‘, which serves as the lead single from her sophomore album due for release later this year.

‘Shameless’ is an infectious sharp, biting and penetrating account of her experiences within the music industry and documents all of the hoops that an artist is required to jump through – it offers an attack of celebrity culture and in the process questions the notion of style over substance. The vocals are distorted and filled with an angst within the verses but then become soaring during the blistering sing-a-long choruses set against a backdrop of crashing guitars. Overall, it offers an ambitious stride forward from her previous work, whilst retaining the root of her craft with honesty, heart and soul baring.

The video is a rootsy, gritty, garage inspired performance based clip that allows Lissie the opportunity to let loose and showcase her artistic style – assuming the home video footage is actually Lissie, then it adds integrity to her message and a cute insight to her life growing up.

The divine and heavenly Alanis Morissette released her eighth studio album ‘havoc and bright lights’ in August of 2012. The album is chock full of musings, ideas and reflections that mirror her recent experiences of life, marriage and motherhood. The songs retained that piercing, spirited Alanis questioning and insightfulness but this time, there’s a somewhat softer, sunnier, thoughtful and outrospective view point – a mature rooted, earthly outlook that incorporates a worldview and spirituality within the compositions, whilst sonically, the tracks feel free, unconstrained and lighter as a result.

A video for the track ‘lens’ has appeared online and offers a snapshot of Alanis in Jerusalem whilst on the road touring and collates footage of both on and off stage. The track itself has a hypnotic, mystical style that lyrically speaks of the strong respectful, opposing opinions held by two people which becomes a paradigm to suggest that these opinions on matters such as religion and ethics cause rifts across the whole of humanity before suggesting that a universal solution is love as it alters the state of mind.

Finally, the amazing and inspirational Sheryl Crow recently unveiled her latest effort ‘Easy‘ which is being released as the first offering from her debut country album after recently signing a new record deal with Warner Music Nashville. Having flirted with a country sound throughout her career, ‘Easy’ feels organic and believable, the familiar songwriting partnership of Sheryl with Jeff Trott and the experienced hand of producer Richard Bennett aid the transition perfectly. 

Lyrically, the song speaks of a staycation in which a couple stay at home rather than taking a holiday and so the feel good sun soaked sounding gem allows Sheryl’s smooth effortless vocals the chance to glide luxuriously against an upbeat yet soothing twang of guitars. The video depicts Sheryl indoors on a rainy day, sat barefoot by the burning fireplace – dog at her side whilst her beau creates the longed for paradise descibed within the lyrics.

The video below, features samples and snippets of tracks from Sheryl’s forthcoming eighth studio album. Sheryl also discusses the creative process and details inspirations and collaborators.