Melanie C – Rising Sun

The supreme and divine Melanie C has delved into the vaults to share a previously unheard track that was written and recorded during sessions for the incredible and wondrously brilliant album, ‘The Sea’.

Melanie C

‘Rising Sun’ is a positive, upbeat, heartfelt sentimental ode to the kind of love that inspires and endures throughout the days – perhaps written with daughter Scarlet in mind. Lyrically, Melanie sings “my rising sun, the darkness gone, you gave me love, it’s enough, enough to keep moving me on. Courageous heart, my little star. I’m filled with hopes I never dared to dream before” – lovely stuff indeed!

‘Rising Sun’ was written with Spice Girl collaborator Richard “Biff” Standard alongside Ash Howes and Seton Daunt.