#LOL – When Popstars Meet Popstars

Hello everybody… apols for the break in transmission, the exam marking is near completion thankfully!

Over the weekend in the world of pop, it was a case of popstar meets fellow popstar. The photographic evidence was captured and here are three of those said encounters…

Firstly, Perrie from Little Mix tweeted about meeting Adele and posted the following picture – AMAZINGNESS! LOVE LOVE LOVE Adele’s face… so cute!

Adele & Perrie

Secondly, Backstreet Boys were in the UK last week promoting their forthcoming single ‘In A World Like This‘. The Max Martin produced track is the first release from their eighth studio album of the same name and is the first album to feature all five members since the 2005 album ‘Never Gone’. The single is available to download now with the album scheduled for release on 29th July.

The band played an intimate show at Under The Bridge in London on Saturday night, in attendance were fellow five piece, The Wanted. We LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture – it’s all kinds of brilliant! Each time there is something new to find and enjoy. One time it’s Jay from The Wanted, the next it’s AJ from Backstreet Boys (check out his watch) and then onto Brian from Backstreet Boys – joyous!


Finally, two incredible Australian’s are currently working together… the beyond incredible Sia is writing new music with the divine goddess Kylie Minogue. The pair posted the following picture on their respective social media accounts. This is now the pinnacle, the benchmark of how all photographic popstar meets popstar encounters should look like – AMAZING!!!

Sia Kylie