One’s To Watch…

We’ve been following the activities of several new popstars very closely over the past few months and it’s now time to share some thoughts on the latest artists on the cusp of a breakthrough…

*BANKS is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles who released her debut EP ‘Fall Over’, which contained the striking and haunting title track which is gorgeous track on many ingredients from wide ranging vocals – quietly retrained to loudly belting during the chorus. Also, the electronic production acting as a tool that enhances the beauty within the vocal delivery. The latest work from BANKS is ‘Warm Water’ which was produced by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur, the cool beats shimmer alongside an effortless vocal and it’s absolutely divine and totally addictive.

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*St. Lucia is South African born Jean-Philip Grobler, who studied in Liverpool before relocating to New York to pursue his musical dreams. He released the mighty fine self-titled EP via Neon Gold in 2012 and has since been readying the release of his major label debut album ‘When The Night’ which is expected on 7th October through Columbia Records. The first taster of the record comes in the shape of ‘Elevate’ which is wondrous. The feel good summery vibe with eighties influence, thundering drum rolls and soaring vocal create an incredible and unique blend of pop music that is distinctly the sound of St Lucia.

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*Steph Sexton is a twenty-five year old, Australian native who recently released her debut EP ‘Hope You Find Your Way’. The six tracks range from slow burning 80’s influenced grooves as heard on ‘Feel You’ to bold defiant anthems like ‘Give A F*ck’, all of which are held together and framed by Steph’s sensuous and seductive vocals. The EP has recently been taken down with Steph providing the following update via her Facebook page…


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*Elli Ingram is a nineteen year old singer-songwriter who hails from Brighton. The striking thing about Elli is the deep, clear and powerful vocal she possess – it’s a true gift that traverses magically across the material which makes up her debut EP ‘Sober’. The six track collection sounds like a modern throwback to nineties R&B with laid back grooves and strong melodies and harmonies. Standout tracks such as ‘Mad Love’ and ‘High Love’ recall the sound of girlband classics – the layered vocals send shivers across the body. ‘Fun’ offers a more stripped back piano led sound with lyrics such as “I was so wasted, champagne and rose, the sun was high when we got home” providing great personality and character. In all, ‘Sober’ is completely sublime and a magnificent piece of work from a hugely promising singer. 

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*The Swedish have a rich legacy and pool of enormously talented and creative musicians. Step forward, Frida Sundemo who is our new favourite singer-songwriter. Frida released an EP titled ‘Indigo’ earlier this year, the six track offering contains absolutely joyous tracks such as the pulsating title track, the anthemic ‘Snow’ and ethereal ‘Home’. The work is rooted within an elctro-pop sense with its heart being true to the craft of songwriting and structure. It’s a captivating and completely brilliant piece of work. Last month, Frida began offering fans a free new track titled ‘A Million Years’, which features an almighty chorus and epic, rousing chant.

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*Lorde is a sixteen year old singer-songwriter from New Zealand who has been making waves with a string of high class releases. Her debut ‘Royals’ reached number 1 in her home country in March and she has since released two EP’s ‘The Love Club EP’ and ‘Tennis Court EP’. A selection of tracks from both was recently released in the UK and features the title track ‘Tennis Court’, which was played during the BBC broadcast of the Wimbledon Ladies singles final. The music is far reaching, from the dark hymn-like foreboding as heard on ‘Swingin Party’ to the youthful, spirited vibe that is is full of personality on tracks such as ‘The Love Club’. Lorde has an intriguing talent and she herself has an exciting future within music. 

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*M.Ø is Karen Marie Ørsted and hails from Denmark. Her debut release ‘Maiden’ and subsequent follow-up ‘Pilgrim’ caught he attention of Sony who signed her and are to service her debut album later this year. The lead single ‘Waste Of Time’ was released earlier this month, the track has a jangly vibe, electric guitar breaks and comes complete with a catchy, memorable chorus, all delivered with a killer vocal performance. It is chaotic sounding but rather thrilling which is greatly sustained throughout repeated listens.

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*Say Lou Lou are a musical duo from Sweden and Australia comprising of twin sisters Elektra and Miranda. The pair offer moody, melancholic and sophisticated vocal lines which creates a lovelorn sound within their music, songs such as ‘Julian’ and ‘Maybe You’ benefit from this glossy yet unconventional approach. Their subtle electropop style is both dreamy and dexterous. There is a gorgeous timeless quality within their writing, lyrics such as “maybe you and your sad blue eyes, pull me through, out of all these lies” longingly pull at the heartstrings. 

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