Some Other Things…

There were lots of pop related happenings that occurred whilst doing exam marking, here are some of the other things that didn’t make the previous round-up from earlier this week, but that are still things you need to know in order to survive in this full throttled world of pop…


*Toni Braxton has teamed up with Babyface to record an album of duets. The duo made magic together in the nineties so it seems natural that they should record together. The album will be released through Motown in the autumn.

*Leona Lewis confirmed she is recording a Christmas album!

*Songwriter of ginormous hits for Katy Perry and Britney Spears amongst others, Bonnie McKee offered a free download of her first release as an artist in her own right. The track titled ‘American Girl’ is a brightly coloured, brash stonking pop song. The long winded download process is worth the effort when you finally get to listen to the track… test your patience here.

*Kelly Clarkson released a fun country flavoured track entitled ‘Tie It Up’ which is all about ‘putting a ring on it’. Quelle surprise, what a revelation – the song was made available to download on iTunes in the UK on the very same day it was made available in the US!!! A video is set to follow!


*Firstly, KT Tunstall released her fourth studio album ‘Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon‘ last month and it is one of the most hauntingly beautiful and completely enthralling listens. Alongside, ‘Heartthrob‘ by Tegan And Sara, THIS is the standard of albums that all other popstars must reach if releasing a new album this year.


The album itself is a gorgeously crafted piece of work. There is such stark simplicity in the production, which gives rise to the heartbreaking, great sorrow within the lyrical stories. The subject matter deals with loss, regret and acceptance which resonates and permeates each of the songs with devastating results. The vocal and subsequent delivery is restrained and affecting, with the focus being on the voice – this approach captures some of KT’s finest work and results in shivers down the spine and goosebumps across the entire body.

This is an album that will consume your spirit, and so this is what we advise… let it flow and wash over you entirely, let it sink in with each repeated listen and as a result you will uncover and appreciate more of the beauty and truths within the lyrics. Make sure you then savour the moments it gives you to consider and reflect to fully experience what is an astonishingly remarkable album.

*Like Girls Aloud before them, The Saturdays added another fine b-side to their impressive cannon of alternative singles work in the shape of ‘Wildfire’, which accompanied the release of ‘Gentleman‘. The b-side was a much more straightforward offering than its counterpart with the finished result producing a little gem that joins other magnificent b-sides such as ‘So Stupid’ and ‘Turn Myself In’.

*It has been four years since the incredible ‘Unexpected’ album from Michelle Williams. In June, she debuted the lead track from her forthcoming inspirational record. The single ‘If We Had Your Eyes’ was produced by Harmony Samuels (Brandy, Kelly Rowland)… so good to hear those killer vocals once more!


*Paramore unveiled the video for ‘Anklebiters‘ as their latest release from their self-titled fourth studio album. The video is one of the finest efforts to be seen this year.

*Miley Cyrus debuted the video for the latest single We Can’t Stop. The video caused a bit of a stir as you can see…

*Kylie also showcased a lyric video for the track ‘Skirt‘. A series of remixes was also made available via fancy downloading service Beatport!

*Natalia Kills has offered a video for her latest release ‘Saturday Night’. Showing a more subtle, tender side after previous single ‘Problem‘, the video is a cinematic exploration of accepting the past and moving forward no matter how difficult it proves. It is easily the most sincere, rewarding and worthy video she has created to date.