The Black Era Has Officially Arrived…

Dawn Richard is a visionary artiste, a woman of formidable courage, her music transcends genre, defying perception and fearlessly breaking free from expectation, boldly standing tall and defiant with each extraordinary release that she offers. She has a exasperating prolific work rate – in the autumn, as well as a new album with Danity Kane, Dawn will release the second instalment of the Heart trilogy, ‘Blackhart’ following the release of the extraordinary ‘Goldenheart‘ earlier this year.

Dawn Richard

Following the previous release, the sublime ‘Meteors‘… two further singles from ‘Blackheart’ have been unveiled recently, namely ‘Judith’ and ‘Valkyrie’ – each is bold, offering vast, extreme far reaching soundscapes that oppose each other.

‘Valkyrie’ is a disjointed, propulsive clash of sounds – beginning, the spatial, ethereal vocal proclaims, “I ear the angels singing to me, you gon’ remember me”, the drum machine loops mirror the sound created by a heart rate monitor before Deonte of MDMA joins the track and by which point the style switches becoming seemingly aggressive, affected and hard in its delivery and production, the vocal is distorted and exaggerated thus creating an intriguing outlook.

A remix featuring the impeccable vocal stylings of JoJo has also been unveiled. The alternate version demonstrates an extended swagger and cockiness as Dawn and JoJo intertwine their vocal prowesses.

‘Judith’ offers an equally divergent sound, presenting a dark, moody and intense outlook, it broods and swells against a simple, rich and intense backdrop of sparse sounds, ticks and looped vocals affects. The powerful, haunting vocal from Dawn is chilling and spine-tinglinging, the tale of unappreciated abandonment matching the eery sonic tones.

Stunningly exquisite on both fronts *goosebumps*