Other Things We Love Today

*Goldfrapp release ‘Tales Of Us’ as their sixth studio offering on Monday (9th September). Following the release of the exquisite visual for the stunning ‘Drew‘, the pairing of Alison and Will have showcased another clip for album track, ‘Annabel’. The Lisa Gunning directed film gorgeously and boldly shows the gender identity conflict of a young boy who receives acceptance from his mother (portrayed by Alison). The message is powerful, the imagery is striking in its simplicity and the subtle shift in colour towards the final scenes of the video are beautiful. Of the song itself, Alison’s haunting vocal swoops and soars, there is warmth and tenderness from within plus the use of the minor chords adds unexpected drama and depth to the sonic structure. Absolutely heavenly.

*Excitingly excellent news… Sleigh Bells are readying their third record, titled ‘Bitter Rivals’, which serves as the follow-up to 2012’s brilliant ‘Reign Of Terror’. The new ten track, self produced album from Derek and Alexis is set for release on 7th October and is preceded by the lead single and album title track ‘Bitter Rivals’. The in your face, loud, shouty vocal delivery adopted during the opening chorus is instantly infectious whilst the verses offer respite with a less abrasive style even though the refrain “you are my bitter rival but I need you for survival” sounds particularly menacing when sung in this way. The chunky beats and heavy guitars are signature sounds for the duo but which seem vamped up, wilder and more audacious this time around. Superb.

*With less than a week until opening night of The Bodyguard Musical, where Beverley Knight steps out as the lead role of Rachel Marron in her first West End production, she serves a curveball by providing vocals to the latest single from Nervo titled ‘Not Taking This No More’, which is set for release on 23rd September. The Australian sisters alongside fellow Australian, producer Ivan Gough, provide Beverley with an insanely catchy backdrop for which she blasts through, delivering a reverential, boundless stellar vocal, where the breakaway, no nonsense lyric completes the anthemic, gutsy and unexpected sounding collaboration.