Gabrielle – 20 Years Of Dreaming

As we’ve mentioned numerous times before, there really is no-one quite like or as special as Gabrielle and last night this was confounded even further with the awe-inspiring radio premiere of a reworked version of her signature debut single ‘Dreams’ with MistaJam on BBC Radio 1Xtra. The track which has been produced by Naughty Boy has been entirely re-vocaled and transformed into an intensely beautiful, slow burning torch song which flourishes with grandness as it progresses becoming uplifting through the use of gospel elements, all the while retaining that hopeful enthusiasm that made it so revered in the first place. The reworking will feature on Gabrielle’s forthcoming hits retrospective ‘Now And Always: 20 Years Of Dreaming‘, which is released on 25th November.

Now and Always_ 20 Years of Dreaming

The amazing artwork, designed by Jack Slater

‘Dreams’ is now available as an instant download when the album is pre-ordered via iTunes, which can be done here. The 34 track digital package features new material, all of the much loved hits (with the exception of ‘Stay The Same’) as well as selected album tracks and remixes. The hits are remarkable and will forever stand the test of time, proper songwriting delivered with passion and honesty and so this new album is a magnificent and hugely attractive collection to celebrate and show the full range of Gabrielle’s extraordinary back catalogue not only for fans with the inclusion of new songs but more so for those who might be casual listeners and those who might have missed an album or two, for example five album tracks are lifted from the incredible 2007 release ‘Always’, which didn’t, in terms of sales match the units sold with ‘Rise’ but is an equally sublime, outstanding and absolutely essential listen in terms of quality and consistency and so these tracks deserve their inclusion across this extended package. The non-single additions across the collection help to highlight Gabrielle’s spirit in particular, the grandiose of ‘Show Me Love’, the thoughtful affirmations within the lyric of ‘Closure’ and ‘Fallen Angel’ and the feel-good upbeat fusion of sounds in tracks such as ‘Heartbreaker’.

‘Now And Always: 20 Years Of Dreaming’ offers seven new tracks which are dotted in-between super hits and appear across the first half of the album. The opening song ‘Say Goodbye’ is also the lead single and features those trademark soulful vocals set against looped mid-tempo beat and is a song about the complexities connected with end of a relationship “how can two people once so full of fight, decide, wake up in the morning, want to call it time” – there is life and experience within the delivery as only Gabrielle can provide. The new songs cover a wide range with touching lyrical themes of hope and heartbreak to letting go and letting loose (dancing) whilst sonically they tread from simple and fragile to upbeat and celebratory. Snippets of these new songs can be previewed through iTunes here.

Below is the full deluxe tracklisting for ‘Now And Always: 20 Years Of Dreaming’. The album from which the song originally appears is in shown in brackets whilst * denotes a single release.

    1. Say Goodbye (New)*
    2. Rise (Rise)*
    3. When A Woman (Rise)*
    4. Knew Me (New)
    5. Give Me A Little More Time (Gabrielle)*
    6. Dreams (feat. Naughty Boy) (New)
    7. Heartbreaker (Always)
    8. Show Me What You Got (New)
    9. It Takes Time (New)
    10. Walk On By (Gabrielle)*
    11. Out Of Reach (Dreams Can Come True – Greatest Hits Volume 1)*
    12. Now And Always (New)
    13. Fallen Angel (Play To Win)
    14. Holding On For You (New)
    15. Sunshine (Rise)*
    16. Dreams (Find Your Way)*
    17. Closure (Always)
    18. If You Ever (Gabrielle)*
    19. Falling (Rise)
    20. Going Nowhere (Find Your Way)*
    21. I Wish (Find Your Way)*
    22. I Remember (Always)
    23. Because Of You (Find Your Way)*
    24. Don’t Need The Sun To Shine (To Make Me Smile) (Dreams Can Come True – Greatest Hits Volume 1)*
    25. Should I Stay (Rise)*
    26. All I Want (Always)
    27. Why (Always)*
    28. Ten Years Time (Play To Win)*
    29. Forget About The World (Original Album Version) (Gabrielle)*
    30. Every Little Teardrop (Always)*
    31. Show Me Love (Always)
    32. Sunshine (Wookie Main Mix) (Rise Underground)
    33. Rise (Artful Dodger Board Vox Mix) (Rise Underground)
    34. Forget About The World (Daft Punk Mix) (CD1 – Forget About The World – Single)