The 10 Greatest And Most Brilliant Singles Of 2013

Singles are a funny old business these days. The way in which they are consumed in an extraordinarily fast rate is terrifying especially when trying to remember back throughout the past twelve months, it becomes somewhat problematic. So, these ten songs have been influenced by the most played tracks, that were released officially as singles according to our iTunes library data and by that reasoning they are the best released in 2013…

The first five…


10. Rebecca Ferguson ‘I Hope’
‘I Hope’ captures the attention and imagination perfectly with thanks partly to the upbeat, rolling drum loops, somewhat dark turn of phrase in the verses and the repetition of “I hope” during the choruses. The final strains of the song are what resonate and touch us most, “I’ll forgive you, for all that you are, I hope that life is good in a way that you haven’t been good. I hope that se is kind even though you haven’t been kind”. Brutal but inspiring in its honesty.

9. Tamar Braxton ‘The One’
‘The One’ is a joyously infectious track that captures the vibrant, carefree, hands in the air moments felt when in love. Sampling vintage soul grooves and combined with early eighties styled production and nineties RnB sounds, the tracks provides Tamar with the opportunity to showcase some thrilling and mightily impressive vocal runs.

8. The Saturdays Feat. Sean Paul ‘What About Us’
The first number one for the ladies was a long time coming but deservedly so as the song is a stomping, uptempo party anthem. The easy sing-a-long track led by Rochelle and completed by Una and Vanessa’s hugely impressive vocal deliveries made for an effortless, euphoric pop classic.

7. BANKS ‘Warm Water’
‘Warm Water’ is a tender, stilling, calmly beautiful song that is hypnotic and full of beguiling charms. The Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur production is soothingly enigmatic and brings out the best of BANKS’ vocals.

6. Gabrielle ‘Say Goodbye’
Gabrielle’s first single in five years was an enormous triumph as it sounded retro-vintage yet current and on trend at the same time. The verse offers a simple sound but one filled with drama as Gabs sets the scene of two lovers who have grown apart before unleashing the rousing, anthemic sing-a-long chorus, in the way that only Gabrielle can craft. The swooping strings combined with piano set against the crashing drums and the sampled vocal line “say goodbye” forms an irresistible concoction. A hugely welcome and scintillating return, for one of the greatest artists.

The final five…


5. Lissie ‘Further Away (Romance Police)’
During the verses, the driving and relentlessly catchy rhythm guitars made for a vintage sun soaked seventies groove whilst the chorus provides crashing guitars and foot stomping drum loops. The song also features an extended electric guitar solo, one which elevates the track further still. Lissie’s vocal soars and captivates throughout.

4. Disclosure Feat. Eliza Doolittle ‘You & Me’
Eliza’s vocal is truly sublime and combined with the production which borrows from 90’s garage and house sounds, makes for pop perfection. The lyric is a fine example of a typically Eliza view on the world – her own solo piano version really showed the weight of the lyrical content once the glossy production had been stripped away. A series of remixes from the likes of Baauer and Flume were wildly exciting and original.

3. MKS ‘Flatline’
Despite its title, ‘Flatline’ is life giving as it consumes and imbues the spirit – the most striking aspect is the vocal unity and the stunningly gorgeous harmonies, it is a joyous celebration hearing Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan together once more. The eighties infused synths, the drama of the relentless drum loops of the Dev Hynes production made for one of the finest, most heartbreakingly brilliant releases of its time and bears the hallmarks of an unrealised classic in the making.

2. Justin Timberlake ‘Mirrors’
‘Mirrors’ is a song full of delights and wonders. From opening bars, the electric guitar combined with the timeless chunky beatboxed stylings of Timbaland’s production meant magic especially when set against Justin’s falsetto which swoops and soars across the eight minute duration.

1. KT Tunstall ‘Feel It All’
A song full of downbeat sounds, sliding electric guitars, marching drum beats and light twinkling piano captured a bereft, melancholic tone which is strikingly simple yet packs a powerful, gut wrenching punch. KT’s vocal is supreme, ranging from forlorn to alluringly tender against the emotional lyrical tale – the lyric “so take what you want, leave what you don’t need” as well as the final repeated refrain “feel it, feel it all” cuts straight to the heart. Absolute, exquisite beauty.