Childhood Revisited

Before her exemplary career as a songwriting extraordinaire (Kylie, Kelly Clarkson, Will Young, Diana Vickers, Britney Spears), for a brief moment in the early nineties, Cathy Dennis was a bright shining example of British pop as she achieved global success and went on to score three successive Top 10 hits in the US.

In 1990, Cathy released her debut album entitled ‘Move To This’ and today, some twenty-four years later, a remastered and expanded edition has been released.

Move To This - Cathy Dennis

The album features the singles ‘Touch Me (All Night Long)’, ‘Everybody Move’, ‘Too Many Walls’, ‘Just Another Dream’ and the D-Mob collaboration ‘C’mon And Get My Love’.

The remastered deluxe edition is available as a digital download and a double disc CD which collects both album and single versions of the tracks as well as well as a host of rarities and a mass of remixes. With all this together for the first time, ‘Move To This’ never sounded so good!

Track listing

1. Just Another Dream
2. Touch Me (All Night Long)
3. C’mon And Get My Love (D-Mob featuring Cathy Dennis)
4.  Too Many Walls
5. Tell Me
6. Everybody Move
7. Move To This
8. My Beating Heart
9. Got To Get Your Love
10. Taste My Love

Bonus Tracks                 

11. Just Another Dream – Danny D 7″ Edit
12. Touch Me (All Night Long) – 7″ Mix
13. That’s The Way Of The World (D-Mob ft Cathy Dennis)
14. Too Many Walls – Acoustic Version
15. Love Is
16. Everybody Move – 7″ Shep Pettibone Mix
17. Just Another Dream – 7” US Mix
18. Everybody Move – Padapella Mix
19. Just Another Dream – Paul Simpson U.S. Remix


1. C’mon And Get My Love – Dance Hall Mix  (D-Mob ft Cathy Dennis)
2. Just Another Dream – 12″ Mix
3. Everybody Move – Everybody’s House Mix
4. Touch Me (All Night Long) – Club Mix
5. Too Many Walls – L’Autre Mix
6. C’mon And Get My Love – Spaghetti Western Mix (D-Mob ft Cathy Dennis)
7. Everybody Move – Everybody’s Club Mix
8.  Just Another Dream – Funky Love Mix
9. C’mon And Get My Love – Dedication Mix  (D-Mob ft Cathy Dennis)
10. Just Another Dream – Nightlife Mix
11. Just Another Dream – Alternative Bass Mix

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