Lump In The Throat, Tears To The Eyes

A live album featuring some of Whitney Houston’s greatest live performances was released this past week and boy is it special.

Whitney Houston Live

During the 80’s and early nineties, Whitney was indomitable, her vocal set the gold standard – she had a rare and exquisite quality that remains unparalleled to this very day.

Much has been made of her life choices following the incidents in her later career and subsequent death, however, ‘Her Greatest Performances (Live)‘ absolutely ensures that Whitney’s breathtaking legacy, talent and beauty remains pure, whole and fulfilled.

The CD and DVD set showcases a breathtaking range of vocals – powerful and soaring, tender and delicate, moving and poised. There are so many highlights on the package from the jubilant vocal runs of How Will I Know to the triumphant and technically outstanding ‘One Moment In Time’.

For us, the most striking element of this glory filled compilation relates to the DVD – when watching, it is so bittersweet and poignant. Whitney is supreme, magnetic and radiant. What’s even more electrifying to see in these performances beyond Whitney herself, is, for want of a better expression, people completely losing their shit being in the presence of her grace and might, there is something so extremely remarkable at the reactions of love and adoration on the faces of the audiences – it will bring a lump to your throat and many a tear to the eye. One can only hope that Whitney felt the love and knew how spectacular and cherished she was to the world.

An extremely fine example of the extreme love proffered appears in Whitney’s live performance of ‘All The Man That I Need’ at the Welcome Home Heroes concert in 1991. Absolutely heavenly and divine…