Five Reasons To Be Excited About The New Frances Ruffelle Single

Rejoice! The incomparable and exquisite genius, Frances Ruffelle has a new single entitled ‘Paris Summer’, which is available to download from today (you can do so here)! This is completely tremendous news and here are five reasons why we’re particularly thrilled and excited…

Paris Summer - Single

Reason 1: Frances is heaven!!!

Frances is an unequivocal goddess – supremely stunning in every facet imaginable, and so to experience her artistry and magnificence in any sense is truly cause for celebration and thanks.

Reason 2: It’s new music from Frances Ruffelle!!!

*YIKES* It has been five year since her last studio album Imperfectly Me!!! Since then, Frances has embarked on a wide and varied projects from theatre roles (‘Pippin’, ‘Piaf’), (f)cabaret (‘Paris Original’), TV (‘Birds Of A Feather’, ‘Tim Rice – A Life In Song’) and film (‘Devil’s Tower’, ‘Pleasure Beach’, ‘Long Forgotten Fields’), so new music comes with riotous rapture. 

‘Paris Summer’ is a duet with Rowan John and is an interpretation of the Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood song which appears on their 1972 album ‘Nancy & Lee Again’.

The track is both effortless and sublime – as ever Frances sounds heartbreaking – the cry within the tone of her voice is perfect and the combination of vocals is utterly captivating and devastating in equal measure, together they explore the mystery and intrigue that is enveloped within the lyric.  Production duties for the track were handled by Gwyneth Herbert (‘The A-Z Of Mrs P’) who has sonically captured a hazy, high summer backdrop – it tips its hat to the essence of the original, whilst updating the sound to be grittier – the overall result is an utterly gorgeous affair.

Reason 3: New single = New album!!!

‘Paris Summer’ is the first track to be taken from the forthcoming album ‘I Say Yeh-Yeh’ which is set for release on 9th October. The tone of album “is inspired by the cool sounds and hip grooves of 60’s and 70’s France and Britain” and features eleven tracks including ‘Hynme À L’amour’ (Edith Piaf), ‘Paris Is A Lonely Town’ (Judy Garland) and ‘A Quoi Ça Sert’ (Françoise Hardy) with full track-listing below.

The album also features ‘Le Brasier’, which is a song, sung in by Étienne Daho. The track was written by Frances appeared in English on her third album ‘Showgirl’, so it will be exciting to hear this version.

I Say Yeh Yeh

As ever Frances is schoolin’ us all. Never opting for the obvious, Frances has selected material that you might not have encountered previously, those that are perhaps arty or left of centre, but ultimately magnificent.

Accompanying artwork was captured by Violetta Kassapi and is naturally, very beautiful.

Reason 4: New album = new show!!!

EEEK! With the new album set for release on 9th October, Frances will perform an all new one-woman show to accompany and explore the themes of the record. ‘I Say Yeh-Yeh’ will run from Tuesday 13th October until Saturday 17th October’ at ‘The Crazy Coqs’ inside the wondrous Brasserie Zedel that is situated in the heart of Piccadilly, London.

Without doubt, the show will be yet another magnificent, triumphant runaway success. Tickets for the show are available here.

Frances Ruffelle by Violetta KassapiReason 5: Slightly, deviating…

Tomorrow – 29th August, Frances celebrates her birthday and I so hope that the day is truly fabulous and special. Here’s to wonderful you Frankie and the many adventures yet to be explored… love, love, love you ♡♡♡xx♡♡♡