“Bread Is The Enemy!!!”

Last night, having donned the tightest skinny jeans imaginable, coupled it with some leopard print, the finest fragrance, added accompanying accessories (after all, you make an effort for a goddess) and headed out with the collar on my coat turned up for a date to see the final night of Frances Ruffelle’s album launch show I Say Yeh-Yeh at the gorgeously fancy venue The Crazy Coqs, inside Brasserie Zédel.

This residency has already been an enormous runaway success with the first four shows receiving glowing praise from audiences. So, what else is there to add that hasn’t already been offered?

Well, perhaps a way to share just how ridiculously spectacular the show was, is to begin by exploring the emotions and sensations of how it made me feel? So, if I may…

Of late, I’ve felt how we all might feel at times – downcast, bruised and unable to let go of that which is holding me back. Seeing Frances perform these songs from her outstandingly brilliant record, lifted and made my heart the happiest, the fullest and most free it has felt and experienced within a noticeable period of time – all fears, doubts and concerns were blown away. I beamed, felt inspired, liberated and alive as I watched in awe – a woman with such rare command, grasp and mastery in her craft. It was pure joy and a truly beautiful sight to behold and when you witness Frankie perform (she will tour this show in the new year), it will doubtlessly, make your spirit soar and fly the highest heights as well.

Frances is unquestionably top of her game – spellbinding and bewitching in magnificence. Her irresistible warmth, love, hugely creative energy, skill and dexterity as a performer is exuberant and uplifting – the stagecraft throughout is infectious, zesty, assured and re-energising.

The setlist, written on a chalkboard situated centerstage is welcomingly effective – players, guests and additions are made as the show progresses. Frances alongside her extremely talented band whip through the set at a ferocious pace – it’s a dominant  commanding, non-stop performance. Marrying French and English languages across the songs, Frances interprets the French lyrics through precise use of body language and expression, which deftly communicates the meaning for those in the audience unable to understand the language alone. As always, Frances is luxurious and captivating – you daren’t take your eyes off her beautiful, expressive face; sensuous, flirtatious and playful yet etched with a solemn, serious or forlorn air when required.

Then, there’s that voice!!!!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Ever the (ultimate) exquisite showgirl, Frances conveys a spoken narrative plotting the passage of a girl whose experiences across her life lived are weaved and interspersed between the songs – it is somewhat tortured yet a touching and brave tale that is honest, timeless and full of truth. Frances speaks the lyric from ‘Old Friend’“Love is rare. Life is strange. Nothing lasts. People change…” this is the essence or root of life and meaningfully sums up the joy and sorrow within the journey taken from beginning to the end.

During the finale, Frances writes ‘No Regrets’ on the chalkboard and it is this message which resonates so intensely, becoming a motif for the lessons learnt as the story told reaches its conclusion. It is a poignant connection, the wisdom and guidance is so wholeheartedly received and it is this observation that will set you free.

The show is a gorgeous, uplifting riot – hopeful, vibrant and funny, a celebration of love and life with a melancholic undertone to reflect reality. Sincerely, dear friends, it is a glorious treat, a romp if you will and a genuine, life affirming piece of art. It is also yet another sublime triumph within an already dazzling and scintillating career. Simply, Frankie is UNSTOPPABLE!!!

Merci beaucoup Frances – tout mon amour xx