YES!!! Gabrielle’s Off On Tour!!!

The incredibly amazing, genuinely legendary and completely lovely Gabrielle is off on tour – praise the… *insert appropriate deity / life force idea here.

Having opened for Michael Bolton earlier this year, Gabs will play seven shows across the country in October and November. Billed as a stripped back tour, Gabrielle will perform her plentiful hits.

We’re all in for an almighty treat then! Gabs packs an emotional punch, with stop you in your tracks honesty contained within her lyrics that offer rare insight and clarity, there is exquisite sublimity in these moments. Gabrielle also rocks the upbeat with joyous zest and vibrancy… in short, there’s no-one quite like Gabrielle and so this is your chance to celebrate and revel in her supreme magnificence.

In a press release: Gabs “wrote”:

“I am writing to let you know that I had so much fun touring with Michael Bolton and I was overwhelmed by the warm response. So much so that I’ve decided to hit the road again on a solo tour this autumn with my stripped back band… Up close and personal!!

I love performing live, when I’m at home being mum it’s so easy to forget that there are people who come along to see me and sing along to songs I’ve written, it’s an amazing feeling. 

There are songs I haven’t performed for years that I think it’s time to bring out of the archives and who knows by then I may have a couple of new ones to add as well. I can’t wait to share an evening with you and would love to know what songs you want to hear!”

This is tremendously exciting folks because Gabrielle in a live setting is glorious and you absolutely MUST see her…

Gabrielle UK Tour 2016

Tickets are on-sale now from the usual outlets.